Lifetime Warranty Terms

Substitution warranty applies for damage of Medina products and does not apply for:

  • Product decoration such as printing, sticker, etc.
  • Product accessories such as bag, strap, carton box, etc.
  • Certain products which are excluded from the warranty (informed during launching)

Damages which are not covered by the warranty:

  • MelelehMelt due to fire or extreme heat (e.g. contact with a heated pan)
  • MelengkungWarp or expansion caused by exposure to heat in a long period of time
  • NodaStain caused by certain food that does not affect functionality
  • PecahIntentional breakage
  • Bekas GigitanBite mark that causes damage
  • TergoresScratch that happens during normal use that does not affect functionality
  • TersayatSlit caused by shapr objects that does not affect functionality

Lifetime Warranty Procedure

  1. Consumer sends product to be claimed to Distributor office (*
  2. Distributor staff checks if the product is in any condition that meets Lifetime Warranty terms. 
    • If it does, they decide whether to conduct a Regular or Non-regular substitution.
    • If it does not, Distributor staff gives Consumer an explanation**
  3. Regular substitution process 
    Applies to Medina products which are featured in the catalog at the time. 
    • Substitute product is taken from Distributor's available stock.
    • Substitution is made only to damaged part(s), as opposed to the whole product.
    • Color of substitute part follows Distributor's stock availability.
    • Product is then delivered directly to Consumer*.
    • If Distributor's stock is not available:
      • Distributor processes substitution submission to Principal.
      • Consumer receives a proof of warranty claim**
      • Once substitute is ready, product is delivered to Consumen***
  4. Non-regular substitution process
    Applies to Medina products which are not featured in the catalog at the time or old product with empty stock. 
    • Distributor staff checks retail price and substituted amount over claimed product, then informs Consumer via email**
    • Distributor issues an e-voucher worth the substituted amount and sends it to Consumen via email after getting confirmation.
    • Use of e-voucher complies to valid terms.

*   Postage fee is borne by Consumer.
**  Estimated max. time 3 working days since damaged product is received by Distributor from Consumer. 
*** Estimated max. time 3 working days since substitute product is received by Distributor from Principal